A cookie, either temporary or persistent, is a small file that is saved in your computer. Typically, websites use cookies to enhance your experience of download times and logging in.

When you visit the Candarine website, we use cookies to register what kind of services our customers are interested in and to measure the traffic on the website. We use the information to enhance our website and adjust our offers.

Avoid cookies

If you do not wish to accept the use of cookies, you can adapt the settings in your web browser (often under Internet options) to automatically reject cookies or to inform you every time a website requests to save cookies.

Deletion of cookies

You can also delete cookies, which have already been saved on your computer. How to do this depends on the type of browser you use (often under the Tools section → “Clear history” or toolbar for Safari → “Empty cache”).

Cookies set to detect JavaScript ability

To access all of this site’s functionality, your browser settings should be set to allow JavaScript. If you have JavaScript turned off, you will be offered a modified version of the Candarine website and products. The browser settings are often found under Internet Options in your browser.

Consent to use of cookies

If you adapt the settings in your web browser to accept cookies, you consent to Candarine using cookies when you visit the Candarine website.

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