When it comes to Talent Acquisition, companies need to reach people who are in different stages of their job seeking activities and match the pre-defined skills-set, experience, demographic or behavioural patterns.

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Here at Candarine we help set a clear and elaborate proactive hiring strategy,
combining organic involvement of your employer brand with social seeding activities,
as well as programmatic advertising in order to reach the target audience your company will actually need.

We do not only provide you with the candidate personas, but use a comprehensive approach of inbound methodology in order to establish a relevant workforce plan and create relations with the candidate personas, which ultimately helps you achieve the business goals of your company.

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We analyze the client talent engagement content
(job descriptions, landing pages, event descriptions, blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers and other talent attraction related content),
research specific social media channels, and hand pick the most relevant online communities, social networks,
and digital media sites for the best visibility and engagement.

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We cover 


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Programmatic Advertising customer-target.png

We use targeted ads that can be placed across the web, social media, mobile and video campaigns. Programmatic Advertising helps promoting content specifically via the channels where individual target audience is naturally spending time online.

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We focus on 
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- Facebook and Instagram ad network -
- LinkedIn ad network -
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