When it comes to attracting and engaging with the top talent in the job market,
every interaction matters.

Whether it’s your company’s social media account or careers website, the online experience of your potential employees will impact their decision on whether to apply.

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Before any recruitment strategies or employer brand campaigns can be created, companies need to understand how effective their current processes are in building relationships with online talent.

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This is where Candarine comes in. We will offer informed knowledge and advice on where your company stands regarding Online Talent Attraction.


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Talent Attraction Audit

We conduct in depth analysis of your Talent Attraction process, including your careers site, social media profiles and online candidate journey. We identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for value creation. We then analyse the overall candidate journey and recruitment process experience, especially considering how it fits with your employer brand identity. We provide scientific research and analysis on where you stand against your competitors and concrete steps you can take to improve your Talent Attraction and Talent Nurturing (Lead Nurturing) programs.

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Mystery Applicant

We conduct online field research by completing applications for various positions within the company across different locations and departments. This allows us to evaluate the application and recruitment process from the inside to evaluate whether the candidate journey is a positive one. Results of this research help companies to clearly understand the difficulties that candidates may face during the application and recruitment process, and to find possible improvement solutions.

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Strategy support

We consult Talent Acquisition teams and help them create and develop proactive recruitment strategies
based on working inbound marketing models.

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 Competence development

We help to increase your team's understanding and competencies with regards to
proactive hiring and talent relationship building through tailored workshops and hands-on training.

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